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Say Goodbye to Chronic Stress, Energy Slumps and Sugar Dependency and Hello to Feeling Great with Functional Nutrition and Coaching.

Embark on a journey towards a happier life and healthy living with Health and Wellness Coach and Functional Nutritionist Maggie Kim. 



As busy working professionals, you may think that stress comes with any job and you take it on like a badge of honour. You try to endure it with a cup of coffee in the morning for your daily caffeine fix or a bar of chocolate to improve your mood with a sugar rush. 


Does it work? Or does it worsen your health and increase your dependency on caffeine and sugar, without effectively reducing your stress level? Because you are simply delaying the effects of stress that is causing you low energy, frequent headaches and high irritability, to name a few. 


Before you develop any more unhealthy habits to curb stress, let’s learn how to manage it effectively by doing a comprehensive review of your lifestyle and nutrition, so you can make transformational changes and take back control of your life, step by step.

For those who are looking to:

  • Learn how to manage stress effectively

  • Improve their health through nutrition without having to count calories

  • Feel calmer and more relaxed everyday

  • Make healthier food choices without having to spend hours in the kitchen 

  • Eliminate caffeine and sugar dependency 

  • Regulate their blood sugar to have a constant stream of energy

  • Sleep through the night without waking up every single day

  • More energy = increased productivity

Hi there, I am Maggie

Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP) National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach


As a Functional Nutritionist and a Health and Wellness Coach, I focus on helping busy working professionals with chronic stress and blood sugar dysregulation (hello energy slumps!). 


Having worked in a corporate setting for 20 years, I understand how crippling work-related stress can be, it comes with low energy, regular headaches, heightened irritability and increased dependency on caffeine and sugar to boost productivity. On my journey to heal and regain control of my life, I discovered the secrets to a happier life and healthy living by delving deeper to improve my foundational health and overall wellness. 


I wish to share these "secrets" with you, so you too, have a chance to get out of the vicious cycle of unhealthy lifestyle. 

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"Thanks so much for your support in helping me to get closer to my goals. Your style of coaching is very clear and motivating. You inspired me to find different ways for removing barriers in making life lasting changes."

Krystyna P., Analyst

"Before I started coaching with Maggie, I felt like I was living life in a bit of a fog. I knew I had things I needed or wanted to do, on a daily or weekly basis, but I had trouble accomplishing them or following through. This would range from anything to “eating breakfast,” or simply even “booking a yoga class.” Then weeks would just pass on and no changes. Since I had children 4 years ago, I stopped working and have never really set up a structure for my life thereafter. With Maggie, I feel like I am finally gaining back a lot of my control over my life; and remembering that while I gave up so much for my family, it is also important that I can take care of myself in ways that I’ve wanted to for so long. Maggie is always so thoughtful, inquisitive without being judgmental, kind and helpful. She motivates me to be my “best self.”"

Sera M., Entrepreneur

"I had a lot of mental blocks with regards to starting my exercise regime and proper dieting. Maggie helped me navigate my resistance in a way that's compassionate and kind. I recently started regular pilates and being more mindful with what I eat. As I tend to beat myself up a lot and have high expectations of myself, Maggie helped me acknowledge my progress so that I feel motivated to continue my journey to better health. Thank you Maggie!"

Sharon T., Craniosacral Therapist

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